Diva Teams

GymKix Builds Confidence not Competition!


These are fun teams that are held during specific seasons to compliment learning to cheer/dance appropriately during their respective sports they support.

Divas do not compete or travel beyond our Greater Fort Hood Area.

Everything is local and only for a season so there is less of a time and financial commitment for families.

Prices will vary each year by program, uniform, and season length each year and is generally around $125 – $250 per child.  This includes their uniform and professional training at GymKix for their entire season!

You DO NOT have to be a GymKix member to join our Diva teams! 

Currently we offer the following programs and you can register easily online here (http://gymkix.eventbrite.com):

  • Diva Dogs Cheer:  3rd – 6th grade  (August – October)
    • Cheers for football games and peforms in local events and parades.
    • Next Clinic/Try Out:  July 2020
  • Diva Dance:  3rd – 6th grade (November – December)
    • Performs spirit dances at basketball games and performs in local events and parades.
    • Next Clinic/Try Out:  November 2019
  • Diva Pups Cheer:  K – 2nd grade (June – August)
    • Cheers for select sports games and peforms in local events and parades.
    • Next Clinic/Try Out:  June 5th

Our Diva programs focus on friendship, fun, and creating a strong foundation for your child to achieve her goal of making a school cheer or dance team.

Ready to join the fun??

Check out upcoming clinics and try outs on our EventBrite:

Click Here: http://gymkix.eventbrite.com/

Please note:

It has been brought to our attention that another local cheer team is using the name Diva Dawgs. Please note that GymKix <img /></span></span> IS NOT <span><span><img decoding=