Royals Gymnastics Homeschool Training

Homeschool Training begins August 2nd

Learning time begins August 21st

The FOCUS of GymKix’s homeschool program is educational academics and the benefit is upper level gymnastics training.

– The ENTIRE gym will be available to train uninterrupted upper level skills, shaping drills, and utilize video training opportunities.

– Training will be broken down into small groups that will rotate through all four events each day.

– More trampoline time! Unlimited access to the trampolines to safely work on double twisting, double rotating skills.

– More pit time! Again, unlimited access to safely work on skills into the pit that cannot be spotted by a coach.

– With 4 hours of daily training, gymnasts will be able to have the integral dance training added to their schedule.

– Gymnasts are done by 3:30 and have the rest of the evening to be a kid, be with their brothers and sisters, be with their family and do family activities.

We encourage parents to research the benefits of homeschooling and training during the day. Your athlete will receive the much needed sleep, nutrition and water she needs to stay healthy.

Check out our replay of the homeschool information video from last season.

Click here for the PDF of homeschool resources (video slide show).