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Start Smart

GymKix Builds Confidence!

It’s never too early for your little one to learn that movement and discovery is fun!

Our Start Smart program will focus on promoting early development of socialization, movement, and motor skills to create a strong foundation for your child’s critical first few years.

Since you will be joining the fun, you will be there to celebrate their new discoveries and make new friends.

Each session will have different themes and areas of focus so don’t miss out!

Limited class sizes so everyone can enjoy the fun without feeling overwhelmed and crowded.

Ages:  Crawlers – 3 years

6-Week Sessions:  Fall, Winter, and Spring

Day/Time:  Tuesdays | 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Session Cost:  $99 per child

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What are some of the other amazing benefits of enrolling my child in the Start Smart program?

Develops coordination
Develops flexibility
Develops strength and power
Teaches listening and following directions
Gains self-esteem and confidence
Provides social interaction with peers
Teaches goal setting
Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
Develops skills to enhance other sports
It’s fun!

Each one of these kids came in not knowing how to roll or walk on a beam! They left doing cartwheels (hop over the mat), forward rolls, walking on the high beams and swinging on the bars! These parents and kids are the best part of Wednesday mornings!