Early Childhood Development

Our Early Childhood Development classes are equipped with the newest and safest equipment.   Students that are brand new to GymKix will feel right at home!

Our classes are centered around excellent, progressive training which incorporates color recognition, language development, spatial relations, music awareness, measurements and counting skills. Students will learn how to listen and follow instructions and wait for their turn. They will celebrate achievements and encourage their classmates.  Our goal is to provide fun, quality physical activities that foster the important neural development of our amazing students.

Check Out Our Class Options!

The goal of our Explorer Classes is to provide fun, quality physical activities that foster the important neural development!  Explorers will work on developing coordination, balance, strength, and age-appropriate skills.

These kiddos are ready to move! These classes are designed to provide skill development on equipment and introduce more structure within the class environment.

It’s almost time for the big gym!  This class will focus on all the elements of the previous classes but with even more structure and focus on following instructions.  They will be learning more skills and be encouraged to work independently at stations.  

Our GymKix Princess Dance Academy features new princess themes, dances, and activities every month (including themed sticker charts and certificates!)   Dancers will learn ballet, tap, and creative movement and then they will spend time learning tumbling and gymnastics in our Discovery Gym.