Royals Fall Commitment

We are diligently planning for the fall season and need to know what training time your gymnast will be attending.

Our fall season begins August 2nd, so it is IMPERATIVE that we know which training session your gymnast is wanting to attend BEFORE JULY 5th so we can adjust your tuition properly.

The morning practice is open to all USAG gymnasts and select TAAF gymnasts (please talk to your coaches if you have questions about the training times)

If you have questions about homeschooling (there are many free programs taught by certified teachers) you can find resources here:

Please note that your training days may change to accommodate the new hours.and training groups. We will try to keep everyone the same if possible. If changes are required, priority consideration will go in the order of the commitment forms received.

  • Morning practices will be held from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm (limited spaces)
  • Evening practice will be held from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

All Royals coaches have been trained, certified and have their specialties. Coaches will rotate times and days based on their availability and in consideration of the other classes offered at GymKix. Every effort is made to allow all of our Royals to be instructed by all coaches at some point to provide a variety of skills and knowledge.

GymKix Iclass App

Download the Iclass App for GymKix so you can easily:

  • Check Your Child’s Class Progress (Star Chart)
  • Request Class Changes
  • Get Special Alerts/Sales
  • Enroll In Camps/Flip for Friday
  • Check Your Billing Statements
  • Update Your Account
  • And More!

Step 1: Download the app

Click the appropriate link for your phone below:

Step 2: Launch the App

When you launch the app for the first time you will be asked to enter our gym code: gymkix **

Step 3: Login & Use the App

After clicking SUBMIT, you will be prompted to either “Log In” or “Create an Account.” 

CHOOSE LOGIN and use your existing email address and password (e-mail us if you need help).

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Account Dashboard.  The Dashboard shows any news or upcoming events and also presents you with links along the bottom to perform specific tasks:

  • Bookings – this is where you will create new class/camp enrollments
  • Account – this is where you will view/update account information, including:
    • From Enrollments, view all student enrollments and request a Drop or Transfer (if enabled)
    • From Evaluations, view the latest student skill evaluations (if enabled)
    • From “Attendance”, view available makeup tokens and request makeups (if enabled) and record a future absence
    • Clicking “Student Details” will allow the student’s information to be updated
    • Clicking the ADD STUDENT button will allow you to create a new student account
    • Update or add a student, view student attendance, evaluations and enrollments
    • Make a payment
    • View Transaction History
    • Update/Add Payment Information
    • Add additional guardians/responsible parties to the account
    • Update contact information. (Clicking on a particular field will bring up a screen to edit that information.)
  • Cart – this is where you can view/edit/delete enrollments in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout when they are ready
  • More – this is where you can view News & Announcements, review policies or log out.

What Are Make Up Tokens?

As stated in our policy, GymKix does not provide make-ups for holidays, bad weather, and other unforeseen (out of control) circumstances. However, there are times when we are able to provide make up tokens to the families.

Where do you find your make up tokens?

These are listed in your account on our Customer Portal. This is located on our website main menu as well.

After logging in you will click MY ACCOUNT and the Make Up button is listed under each of your enrolled students. You can check the individual students to see how many (if any) make up tokens are available for them.

Make Up tokens can be redeemed for a the same class as it was issued for by emailing

While we prefer to keep students within their same class, it is not always possible, so we will make exceptions as long as it’s a similar class within the student’s age/ability level.

Example: A Just Dance Ballet 1 student could take a Just Dance Jazz 1 class as a make up if there weren’t any Ballet 1 classes available with openings.

Make Up Tokens can also be used to attend a Flip for Friday Open Gym as well (ages 6 & Up)!

Please note that Make Up tokens will expire 6 months from the date issued.

If you have questions about the tokens, please feel free to e-mail

Welcome Back to GymKix!

Please read the following announcement regarding our reopening!

We want to first say a huge “thank you” to the community for your love and support during this difficult time. We have always known that our GymKix family is truly the best!

As you can imagine our #1 priority is the health and safety of our kids.  GymKix has always had a daily cleaning schedule and follows child care licensing protocols for cleanliness, sanitizing, and hand washing.  We have also invested in  DISNFX treatment for the entire facility.

One of the many reasons we delayed opening is because GymKix believes in high-fives, hugs, and happy smiles.  We will not mandate our staff to be hands off, masked spectators in your child’s training.  Safe coaching requires clear verbal instruction, physical correction/spotting, and emotional engagement.  

If your child runs up to hug a staff member…we will hug them back.

If your child needs a high-five after a great accomplishment….we will give high-fives.

If your child needs to be spotted on a skill….we will physically assist them.

We will not discourage children from being children within the walls of our facility.

Help Us Stay Open!

Please help us stay open by following simple guidelines to limit foot traffic and illness spreading at the gym:

  • Limit spectators in the gym
    • Continue to drop off your older students (ages 6 & up)
    • If you do come into the gym, please limit spectators to one family member per child (if possible)
    • Do not come in the gym if you are sick or have been exposed to illness
  • Conduct a health check at home BEFORE attending classes:

Please keep your child home if they demonstrate any type of illness including:

Cold or Flu Symptoms
Running Nose

Any athlete who has symptoms of Covid-19 should remain home until they have been cleared by a doctor or until the  14 day isolation period has passed.

  • Mask Policy

Masks are permitted if your family is able to wear them.  If your child must wear a mask during class, please understand that their participation might be limited for their safety. 

If you or your child doesn’t  wear a mask,  we will assume that you are not required or able to per the many exemptions listed in GA-29, we WILL NOT question your decision AT ALL.  Additionally, per executive order GA-29 children 10 and younger are NOT required to wear masks.  

We extend this respect of personal choice to everyone entering our facility, including our staff, as we cannot fully know the medical history, trauma, current medication, and needs of each individual person that enters our facility, nor is it our business to violate their personal rights to ask them personal medical questions or enforce medical mandates.

We understand that not every family will be comfortable with how we are operating at this time.  Therefore if you are uncomfortable with our operating procedures or highly concerned about coronavirus,  we recommend your family postpone returning to classes at GymKix.

Please e-mail if you have any questions about your account or need to change/postpone enrollment.

If you are a future member and would like to enroll, please click here for more information!

You can also book your tour or enrollment appointment by clicking here!

Thank you again for your support!

We are so excited to see the return of more smiling faces at GymKix!

GymKix Family Highlight

We LOVE highlighting our amazing families…and giving away some FREE prizes!

We will select a few entries each month to interview LIVE for our Facebook page.

To show our appreciation for your time (and bravery for being on camera), we would like to provide you with a FREE WELLNESS SHOT at Trophy’s just for doing the Family Highlight Interview.

Here’s the fun part….

Once the Live FaceBook Interview is over we have a fun contest.

In one week….

If your Interview gets 1-999 views you will receive a FREE SHAKE CARD.

If your video receives 1,000+ views you will receive a FREE VIP SUPER SATURDAY!

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