Royals Gymnastics Team

The Royals are a year-round competitive gymnastics team that is made up of two competitive programs. Cory Smith is the Program Director of the Royals team.

 Cory ensures that each gymnast receives the highest caliber of training and each coach is held to the highest standard to be doctrinally sound, technically proficient and professionally capable of teaching all competitive levels on all events. We maintain a roll of 29 USAG athletes and a minimum roll of 32 TAAF athletes.

 • The Royals have an active USA Gymnastics &Texas Amateur Athletic Foundation (TAAF) member club and team

• The Royals are a fully staffed, year-round competitive team and program

• The Royals team coaching staff has years of experience, consistency, continuity and long term commitment. Every year our Royals coaches are invited as camp clinicians to Division I & Division II collegiate level gymnastics camps, as well as other state and club level gymnastics clinics/camps

• Our coach-to-gymnast ratio is strictly adhered to so we can provide top quality training

• USAG Team: We are a level 4 through level 10 gymnastics program fully capable of producing District, State, Regional and National Level qualifiers focusing on collegiate athletic and academic scholarship recipients

• TAAF Team: Our TAAF Team is comprised of level 1 through level 3 developmental team athletes who compete in the TAAF system

• The Royals are the largest competitive team program in the area training in a fully modernized facility

• Royals Team membership is by invitation only

 • We offer the Off-Campus Physical Education (OCPE) program and a training schedule that meets all school and extra-curricular requirements

• We are a fundamental, bio-mechanically based program founded on discipline, values, respect and high standards all wrapped up in a challenging, yet fun and rewarding program for our athletes

Our mission is to provide a first class training environment that produces well rounded athletes mentally, emotionally and physically that work cooperatively to achieve group as well as individual goals in both competitive and cooperative environments.

A Royals athlete is challenged to be:

- Socially integrated, positive and a self-managed analytical thinker

- Problem solving citizen that provides solutions

- Academically sound and goal oriented and always seeking self improvement