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Princess Dance Academy

Our GymKix Princess Dance Academy features new princess themes, dances, and activities every month (including themed sticker charts and certificates!).

In January our Kick Start classes (Ages 4.5 yrs – 6 yrs) begin learning dance routines to perform in our annual recital held in May.   The confidence boost that a child experiences from participating in an on-stage performance is unparalleled.  It is our greatest joy to see their eyes light up and beg to “do it again”.

Dance is great for confidence, but there are also a multitude of other benefits including cognitive development, increase in academic retention and creativity, esthetic and social awareness, coordination, and more!

All of our Princess Dance Academy classes are designed to make beginners feel successful and still offer growth for students that have some experience.

  • Dance & Gym:      These classes are offered year-round for 3 & 4 year olds.  Dancers will start in Studio A for ballet, tap, and creative movement and then they will spend time learning tumbling and gymnastics in our Discovery Gym.  These classes DO NOT participate in Recital.  The classes can be found on our Gymnastics & Tumbling Schedule & Prices.
  • Kick Start Dance:            This class is offered for 4 1/2 – 5 year olds.  Dancers will learn ballet, tap, jazz, and creative movement.  These classes WILL perform a ballet and a tap routine in Recital!  The classes can be found on our Just Dance Schedule & Prices.
  • Required Attire:        Any style/color dance leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.

“The advantage of the arts (music and dance) is that they link cognitive growth to social and emotional development. Students care more deeply about what they study, they see the links between subjects and their lives, their thinking capacities grow, they work more diligently, and they learn from each other.”

We offer the ONLY all inclusive recital package from tights to pictures to  performance DVD and everything in between!

We promise:  No hidden fees, last minute charges, or disorganization.

We make it EASY, STRESS-FREE, and AFFORDABLE for parents =)