In addition to the multitude of physical, mental and emotional benefits our sports provide, GymKix is proud to offer the highest quality instruction with educated, professional staff.

We offer year-round enrollment for most of our recreational programs and do not require families to sign a contract.

We value your time and want to give you our undivided attention, therefore we 

only offer enrollment consultations and tours by appointment.

When you enroll at GymKix, you are joining a family, not just an activity!

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My kids love to go to GymKix, it’s been an awesome and progressive year for them. My daughter started being so shy and now found her confidence. My son is doing ninja and he loves it, it literally wore him out!

Great place my daughter is learning so much from the awesome coaches. The smoothie bar is a plus for everyone.

Y’all are the best in pricing, classes, and we love the dance and cheer clinics! The staff is amazing... when you walk into those doors, and everyone’s saying hello, hey how are you doing? When we go it’s like catching up with family! We have never felt like we are just there for y’all to collect money from us. You’ve always made us feel very welcome, and a part of your family and we thank y’all for that.

My daughters confidence in herself, her tumbling skills have developed pretty quickly, due to her amazing coaches, and I love how your offer a more then just go to class leave. Plus my daughter LOVES each of y’all so much!!

This gym not only teaches your child how to be an athlete, but they teach core values to life. The coaches and staff teach how to be courteous, respectful, a team player, confidence, and so many more values. It has made my daughter confident in herself and a perfectionist at what she loves the most. I hope to someday come back to such an amazing facility and staff!

The ninja class has challenged my son and helped him burn some energy. The staff is like family!

GymKix has given her the confidence to introduce herself to new kids at the playground and be more willing to play without Mommy within arms reach. Her confidence and independence are both skills that are helping her to be a leader in her class. I am a pretty proud Mamma when I watch her introduce herself to kids or my husband's soldier colleagues. The best part for Rylee has been having fun with and making new friends, including Miss Hannah. The physical coordination, balance, and excitement for gymnastics has continue to grow week after week as well as the smile on her face.

We live in Killeen and are closer to at least two other gymnastics places but felt most welcomed by you. Annaleigh has enjoyed the class so much, it is definitely worth the extra drive!

We are so thankful for GymKix! The coaches and staff are so wonderful!

My daughter has been going here almost a year now and she has made amazing strides not only in gymnastics but also in her self confidence. I love all of her coaches and staff. Thank you

We love GymKix! They have the most amazing teachers, and staff! We couldn't have picked a better place for our daughter. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GYMKIX!

We appreciate everything you and your staff have done for my kiddos. Cadence loved gymnastics. Elliette loves ballet and was so excited about the team. And Grayson thinks ninjas is so cool. He's always practicing and showing off his moves! If we ever move back to the area we will definitely be back!

We really appreciate GymKix and the wonderful staff you have. They always treat us like family and most of all take excellent care of our son!

#1 Reason we love GymKix is because of your staff. We've been part of several gyms in the past and GymKix has been Avery's favorite by far. Everyone is just so welcoming and down to earth. We feel Avery gets the right combination of motivation, discipline, and a drive to better herself.

Avery's made some awesome friends along the way. She's always been a quiet and reserved child but she's coming out of her shell more and it's been fun to watch her at practices and the meets interacting with her teammates.

GymKix has the most amazing staff and customer service in this area! I cannot say enough about how surprised we have been at the love, kindness, nurturing, and support that the entire family receives from the staff. My daughter has allergies and asthma. She is more susceptible to colds and viruses. Recently, she had a severe virus and was almost hospitalized. We have lived in Killeen for 9 years and have never had anyone email us regarding our child being out sick UNTIL we started GymKix.

It was so personal and just felt comforting to think...we are more than just a paycheck to someone. It was genuine. Our kids matter! I would not change the model of staff education and professional development established within your company. It is exemplary!

One of a kind ninja class! She absolutely loves going to class and hates leaving class. Her dad and I are extremely pleased she has responded so positive to the class and her coaches. And I appreciate the updates I get on her progress.

The communication and feedback on my daughter and her progress is very much appreciated. The staff is always very friendly and positive. My daughter has gained strength and skill at a quick pace and is motivated by the coaches to work hard and to be better. Other gyms we have been to has had more of a recreational atmosphere and staff that doesn’t seem as invested in the kids and their progress like it is at GymKix.

We love GymKix! It is so much fun and we love the Ninja and Gymnastics classes! We also love the smoothies and the inspiration to be healthy.

They are great with my daughter!

My kids just love GymKix! They have so much fun in ninjas, tumbling, and gymnastics. We're so glad we've joined the GymKix family

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