What Are Make Up Tokens?

As stated in our policy, GymKix does not provide make-ups for holidays, bad weather, and other unforeseen (out of control) circumstances. However, there are times when we are able to provide make up tokens to the families.

Where do you find your make up tokens?

These are listed in your account on our Customer Portal. This is located on our website main menu as well.

After logging in you will click MY ACCOUNT and the Make Up button is listed under each of your enrolled students. You can check the individual students to see how many (if any) make up tokens are available for them.

Make Up tokens can be redeemed for a the same class as it was issued for by emailing trixie@gymkix.com.

While we prefer to keep students within their same class, it is not always possible, so we will make exceptions as long as it’s a similar class within the student’s age/ability level.

Example: A Just Dance Ballet 1 student could take a Just Dance Jazz 1 class as a make up if there weren’t any Ballet 1 classes available with openings.

Make Up Tokens can also be used to attend a Flip for Friday Open Gym as well (ages 6 & Up)!

Please note that Make Up tokens will expire 6 months from the date issued.

If you have questions about the tokens, please feel free to e-mail trixie@gymkix.com.

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