High Velocity Dance Company

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Our High Velocity Dance and Drill is our competitive program for dancers ages 6 – 18 years.  Assessments are held in August and we strive to find a place for EVERY dancer according to their age and ability level and their family’s budget/schedules.

If your child is under 7 years old, we recommend checking out our Recreational Dance options to build their experience and confidence:

Amanda Testimonial

High Velocity was established in 2000 as an avenue for the motivated dancer. Since our inception our teams have earned numerous Regional and National Titles. Our teams, dancers, and coaches have been recognized numerous times in industry magazines.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent training and promotion of positive esteem for each dancer from the brand new athlete to the elite dance veteran. Through various competitions, performance, and practices, our staff strives to develop the whole athlete – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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The most obvious way we help the athletes in our program is through improving their skills and assisting them in reaching their athletic goals. We also believe that our program serves a much higher purpose – to enrich the lives of young athletes and mentor them in the benefits of working as a team.

We recognize that each individual athlete has special gifts that are important to their team; however, team effort is stressed as the most important avenue in achieving their goals.   Throughout life your child will be faced with numerous challenges, whether in their professional or social life, the value of teamwork is a priceless skill they will attain at GymKix. The memories they will retain of their trips with their families and friends as well as the fun we have before and after competitions will create a lasting impression beyond what place they actually received.

While the hours, weeks, months, even years spent learning leaps, turns, and dances will improve your dancer’s chances of dancing in college, much more important are the life skills they will learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and striving to be their best.

Our studio has plenty of trophies and banners; however we are most proud of the outstanding athletes we create and their value to our society.

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